Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bizarre Gift Ideas and a Short Update of 2009!

Coming back to the US has been quite a shock after experiencing life in Africa. In Malawi both running water and electricity were infrequent, and it amazed me how incredibly hard the women work - walking up to 15km to find wood and working long hours to cook and clean. The children were so friendly, but sadly 90% of them reported being taken by witches at night. We saw the children repenting and taught them how to pray. After we had prayed for them the witches no longer came! The reason we were in the town of Ekwendeni was to pray - so every day for three weeks we visited homes and prayed for the people. An 18 year old Satanist who could not move well or talk for four months repented and was healed before our eyes. We were blessed to see 60 baptisms on the last weekend. I was amazed at how God spoke through me and allowed the Holy Spirit to break curses, heal people, bless the families, protect the children and teach them how to pray. If you would like to hear some of the amazing stories from this trip you can sign up to this email newsletter that I send out every few months reporting on more of the crazy adventures God takes me on or share it with others. (click here).

It has been the adventure of my life spending the last five years in full time ministry. I remember the first prayer room I created in Florida Hospital in 2005 starting me out on this very unique journey to help inspire people to enjoy praying with power and spending time in His presence. I have continued to live by listening to God's directions and by faith for his provision and am amazed at how he provides. This year especially has been an intense time of learning, travel and ministry. I have only spent five weeks at my home out of the past entire year! Many churches have been blessed and many students have spent time in prayer rooms listening to God's voice and praying in new and creative ways.

The year started in New Mexico with two children's prayer rooms for a children's ministry conference, then I produced a huge prayer room at Avondale School near Sydney that was one of the most spiritual rooms I have ever created. I was then blessed to see my beautiful family in Australia while I recovered from a small operation. Hawaii was the next stop with a four week prayer room at Hawaiian Mission Academy, where lots of students heard the voice of God for the first time, a prayer tree journey at a summer camp, a children's prayer tent at a worship festival, and preaching in different churches. Next stop was taking the gospel to the remote colorful Tarahumara in the Copper Canyon in Mexico dodging the drug lords. I flew in to stopover in Ireland and the UK to attend the 24-7 Prayer Leadership Gathering. This was a very inspiring time spending time with people that have sold out their lives to live like the disciples and spread the passion for prayer all over the world. (Free talks here from 24-7). The www.24-7prayer.com is now the largest prayer movement in history so it is incredible to work alongside these Spirit-filled people who live purely by faith inspiring other people to catch the passion for a Christ-centered life.

I was then on
my way to Kenya to the Masai Mara where I built a prayer room on the blood covenant at a women's retreat, mission and safari. Each morning the prayer room was surrounded by zebras and other animals. The needs in Africa are so great. The most touching conversation I had was with a young girl at a school. She was scared of going home for the holidays. Girls between the ages of 12-15 traditionally get circumcised and married in the Masai culture. If they can stay at boarding school they receive an education instead and have much healthier and happier lives, therefore positively impacting the whole village.

It has been such a privilege and an honor to work for God for the past five years. Thank you to all those wh
o have traveled with me and prayed me through sometimes difficult situations. The enemy has been working very hard to stop this ministry so those that support through encouragement, prayers and donations are appreciated more than words can say. There are so many needs in countries like these and I thought it might be a good time of year to share some unique gift ideas that may change someone's life or community forever. (See below!) As you know my ministry relies solely on the donations of generous people like you. So far this year I have only raised $4000 in the US for my taxable wage including cash donations. This has been used to pay for most of my travel, bills and living expenses so thank you for those who partnered with me in the US and in Australia. I spend most of my money on travel so I live simply and with minimal possessions. If you would like to continue to sponsor this full time missionary (Nicki Carleton) for the next year there are some options below!

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Just a note: 'Nicki is an incredible resource to all those who are wanting to create prayer rooms in their churches or schools, facilitate creative interactive worships that engage the senses, who need to change the culture of prayer in their churches, for those who are interested in the 24-7 prayer movement and for those who desire to live radically like the disciples. She thanks you for your support and prayers'.

Unique Life Changing Christmas Gift Ideas

Save a beautiful Kenyan Masai girl from Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Sponsorships at Olopikidong'oe are $350US and will pay a girl's schooling for one year, including a safe refuge at the school during term breaks. Those payments can be made to AMS at www.africamissionservices.com; Paypal button on the How You Can Help page, just include a note on the payment that it's for a sponsorship at Olopikidong'oe, and ano
ther girl will be able to safely finish her education!

The Southern Africa Community Empowerment Cook-stove Project. To protect from deforestation and CO2 emissions and help empower women these Echo Stoves are only $340US and use only a few little sticks instead of charcoal. Go to www.echocookstoves.com
Beautiful Masai Girls from Olopikidong'oe School
At risk girls from the Nairobi slums will be beneficiaries of reusable washable menstrual products called www.lunapads.com - many girls drop out of school because they miss classes every month. You can change women's lives by making and taking these on mission trips. $30.00US per pack can be sent to Nicki.

Sports equipment for primary schools - $50 can be sent to Nicki. Also there is a need for toilets in Malawi and all of Africa. One school had 1200 students with only 10 teachers and NO toilets. Please pray for this basic need and think about a mission trip to help.

Sponsor Nicki for $1 a day for a year. $365

Sponsor Nicki for a month to go to a church to change the culture of prayer. $2500

Sponsor Nicki for a mission trip. $2500


She has been given the offer to teach at a discipleship and leadership school for one year. This position will be mentoring junior college students as they do their classes on line while boarding on the island of Kauai. There will also be a mission trip to the pacific islands. This is an incredible opportunity so for those interested please contact her. It comes with no salary so if you would like to sponsor her salary for one year she would be delighted. The term starts Aug 2010 to May 2011.

Her clothes are also in need of replacement. Some have been going strong for many years but now are falling apart. She needs a travel wardrobe of culturally appropriate clothing. She hopes to raise $1000 for this purpose. She loves second hand clothing too.Baby Donald is HIV+ but with care will become HIV-

If you would like to support this ministry financially (either with a one-time gift or monthly support) please contact Nicki. Donations are tax-deductible in the USA. Checks can be made out to FLASH Ministries (a non-profit 501c3). Please include 'Prayer Ministries' on the subject line and send it to PO Box 495 Ooltewah, TN, 37363 USA.

Have a life changing New Year, draw closer to God every day, listen to his voice and be abundantly blessed by a God who adores you.

Nicki Carleton