Thursday, November 25, 2010

Financial Miracles

A little while ago, I was confronted about the reality of my life, until I burst into tears. My friend who is a financial adviser finally gave me three options that I had to make a choice from.

Option 1. Go back to Australia and find employment.
Option 2. Marry a rich man.
Option 3. Continue to do ministry allowing the Lord to move on donors hearts to give regularly in support.

The reason I burst into tears was because I really don't like thinking about money but I finally knew I needed to rise above my fears and face making some changes at the crossroads I then stood. Each of these three options above involve something about money and I realize that even though I do a ministry with no focus on making money - I do have to spend money to eat, to travel, to do ministry, to have health insurance and to live in this world of economics. Some people would think it a complete miracle that I can live on so little without a need to spend money. And living on around $200 a month has worked so far because I have no debt, only a few bills and have no need of buying any possessions, because I live out of a suitcase. So over the years in ministry I have been intrigued to learn about God's finances and God's miracles.

Nicki with Rajab - a tiny little Muslim boy who loved Jesus
I have been learning the difference between being a full time volunteer (who gives of their excesses) and a full time church worker (who gets a full wage)and a full time disciple/minister (who is funded through the Body of Christ). I fall into the last category in my independent prayer ministry going from church to church and country to country. I have worked as all three at various times and have seen how differently one is perceived in each category and what is expected of you and how you are treated. Let me tell you it has been very hard to live a life like a disciple. Various opinions emerge because not many people can comprehend what it is like to live like this. Some think you do not need money, people assume women prayer warriors and ministry volunteers should give happily to the church for free and sometimes I feel some would rather me get a job to provide for myself which would mean I would have to quit this ministry. I understand the deep protestant work ethic we have been raised with. That is why it has taken me six months to get up the courage to put out this newsletter, but hopefully it will be an interesting teaching from a different perspective.
Hiding Under His Wings
Like this Mother Hen we can be Sheltered under Gods Wings
Time after time I read in the Bible about an early church who supported many who became disciples to minister to the Body of Christ (1 John). I read about the Levites who were completely taken care of financially by the other tribes even in retirement. And I read over and over about how God will take care of our every little need, even the desires of our hearts. I have been so blessed to see these miracles first hand so I know it is possible. God will never let me go hungry. In fact I believe that he will send manna from heaven if we ever get desperate. I love to see how he is blessing and sustaining the work of missionaries and full time ministers around the world through the contributions from the Body of Christ. His economy is very different to ours. But he expects us to live with open hands, to give generously so there is a domino effect of blessing when the money passes through the Body of Christ. Even with my small income I sponsor a child in Nepal and a female Chinese underground minister through Voice of the Martyrs. I love to hear the stories of what is happening to transform other lives because of my small part.

God lead me to recently read the book by Roger Steer - "George Muller - Delighted in God". It is such a powerful book, speaking on marriage, conflict in the church and trusting in God. I highly recommend it. My heart yearns to 'delight in God' every moment of every day, what peace that speaks of and total trust in all things...

Lotus Flower Opening in our Front Garden.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Spiritual Dreams

I never dream dreams, normal or spiritual. (I asked God to help me never remember my dreams as I always seemed to have horrible dreams as a child). Sometimes I have seen pictures from God in my mind when I am awake - but never have I been given a Dream or Vision from God. But a few weeks ago I was lying in my bed and as I was sleeping I saw clearly a green snake curled up beside my head ready to strike. It had two heads. I woke up in a fright and leapt out of bed and turned the light on and it was gone. "Maybe", you say, "this was just a normal dream/nightmare." But for me I had never had such a vivid experience or dream. I had no idea what the dream/vision meant but knew to seek confirmation with a discerning spirit.

A week later I was (not dreaming but in reality) walking in the forest with a friend, and his dog almost stepped on a snake in the path. This snake was a water snake, speckled brown. It was ready to strike but when I looked closely it had two heads because it was actually two snakes curled up together. This is very strange because even though I have done a lot of bushwalking, I have rarely seen a snake and never seen two snakes together in my life (and I am from Australia!)

So with the dream confirmed in reality I knew that both experiences were warnings from God. I am still praying for insight and protection and ask for your prayers also as the ministry I am in often has intense Spiritual Warfare associated with it. The devil loves to attack and destroy people in prayer ministry. He knows that prayer is a weapon that will always defeat him. The more we learn how to pray with power the more he loses his power, his strongholds are broken, his oppression is released, his snares are loosed and his schemes revealed and his angels repelled. That is one of the main reasons I am currently writing a book for teaching children to pray by using creative and sensory activities - I am teaching them how to hear and discern God's voice and pray with power.

Thank you for your prayers and I pray we will all continue to learn how to pray powerfully!

Recently Published Article

Recently Published in Story Harvest is a very short testimony of my amazing Life Changing Moment with God ten years ago.

"I was sitting at my computer one day wondering where I could volunteer for the next six months, but frustratingly no doors were opening. I had just finished studying at a university in Toronto, exchange from Australia, but because the passport control office had mistakenly allowed me to stay for an extra six months until May 31, 2001, I was looking forward to the next new adventure. Suddenly a very distinct voice spoke clearly into my mind... "

Fun Creative Prayer Together
Fun Creative Prayer Together
Very Different Prayer Room

Last week I was contacted by a new friend in Brooklyn, NY to help her come up with ideas for a Prayer Room she wants to create in her house for visitors and friends who are coming to support her during the home birth of her second baby. How beautiful for people to wait in a sacred space where they can create blessings for the baby, pray for it's future, pray for the family and be part of this most spiritual moment.

The Next Big Adventure
I recently put in an application for Graduate school to do my Masters (starting Nov, 2011) at a seminary called Mars Hill Graduate School, so will be traveling to Seattle for the interview in two weeks - more from Seattle in the next newsletter!