Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I am a woman...

I am a woman.

I have been set apart, anointed, filled with the Spirit, and chosen for a very special calling in life.

To be a disciple.

To encourage others to become disciples so they can teach more disciples so more people will know the redeeming love and transforming power of God. I am an encourager and an inspirer, a teacher, a creator and a worship curator.

Therefore I have been commissioned and mandated, not by a man or by a church but by God himself to GO into all the world, to preach the good news of Jesus Christ inviting people to be baptized into the covenant of his love for eternity.

With his mighty power working through me I can do more than I could ever dare to hope or imagine. I have and expect to see more miracles when I pray to heal the sick, make the blind see, the deaf hear and the lame to walk and the dead to rise. I will pray to heal the land, to heal families and to heal communities. I will pray for those who are addicted and cursed and oppressed to be set free. I have taught children how to pray against witches and demons and am not afraid of any weapon formed against me by the enemy because I know how powerful the blood of Jesus really is. And I'm not afraid to die, to be a martyr so I will continue to live on the front lines of spiritual warfare and take great risks.

He has taught me how to hear his voice. He is my teacher, my mentor and he guides me every day. The gift of discernment, the gift of prophecy and the gifts of the spirit are available to me. I can have dreams and visions. I will claim the fruit of the spirit and allow my nature and identity to be radically transformed by the Holy Spirit each day. He will teach me how to love and how to be loved.

I will wrestle with the angel of the Lord until I receive a blessing. I will not give up, I will stay up all night praying if I have to. I will fast and pray when the Spirit leads. I will stand up for the weak and choose slave free chocolate and fair trade products as often as I can and refuse to buy into the diamond industry and help to stop human trafficking, and I will recycle. I will live simply. I will fight for injustice and not let sexual abuse, domestic violence or spiritual abuse be hidden. I will find healing and help others to heal from brokenness.

I will become a missionary and look beyond myself and the dream of a white picket fence thereby wasting my future, spending my fragrant perfume on the beautiful feet of Jesus. I will be stretched, challenged and pushed to share my resources and be generous to the needs of others. I will share my food, recycle clothes and help to shelter those who are in desperate need. I work in homeless shelters, I build clinics, hug the neglected ones and I sponsor a child and a female underground pastor in China. But I will do more.

I know what it is to live in plenty and in want and it is God who gives me the strength to get through any circumstance I face. I have faith that the small and momentary sufferings I experience will only help me realize the strength of God and see his glory at work. Not only can I trust him to look after my food, clothing and shelter but he also grants me the deep desires of my heart. He promises forgiveness when I fall, gives me perfect peace through every possible storm of life and a joy that surpasses understanding.

I am an anointed women filled with the Spirit of God, so hear my heart, hear me preach!

This is written in response to any man, woman, church or religion who does not believe that God can speak to individuals and give them a unique calling to be disciples of Jesus Christ filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. Yes, that same incredible power that created the universe and raised Jesus from the dead! The Holy Spirit will flow through anyone that asks for it, men, women and children. This is His will, for his good pleasure. We have been created to bring him joy! It is time to lift the veil to reveal the truth and freedom that is found only in Jesus Christ.

By Nicola Carleton

For all the women blessed to be holding the hand of God in ministry - be prepared for the most incredible adventures of your life! Pass this on to all the women you know in ministry to affirm their calling. Pray and support each other because this is not an easy path to travel.

God has not left himself without a witness in doing good -- giving you
rains from heaven and fruitful seasons, and filling you with food and
your hearts with joy. Acts 14:17